9 Actionable Affiliate Marketing Tips to Boost Income in 2020

Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate passive income. Most Pro bloggers preferred this monetization method as main.

But most of the new bloggers are not able to generate sales or get very few sales on their blog.

This post is the solution to their problem.

If you follow all the tips given in this post, then your sales will definitely increase.

Before starting, here are some basic information about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing_

If you have already researched on how to earn money from blogs, then you definitely know about the advertisement.

You do not have to do much to earn money from advertising networks such as Google Adsense. You just have to put a code on your website and your blog ads will start coming. With the help of these ads, you can earn money.

A lot of people get the question that 'If we are making money from Adsense, then we should do affiliate marketing?'

The answer is yes.

In affiliate marketing, you have to promote the products of another company and whenever someone buys the product from your affiliate link, you will get a commission.

If you want to earn good money with the help of blogging, then you cannot just rely on ads. Along with affiliate marketing, you also have to provide your own products, services, so that your earnings will increase even more.

Let’s dive in.

Actionable Tips to Boost Sales and Income

Here are some tips that help you to get more sales.

1. Know your Audience

The first thing you need to do is to identify your audience. If you have identified your audience, then you can recommend even better products for them.

Try to solve the problem of your audience with your products. You have to identify the pain points of your audience.

To know about your audience take the help of social media like Facebook groups, content, and keywords.

Analyze your website to find where people are engaging more and why. After this try to solve their problems this will surely increase your affiliate sales.

2. Improve Website Speed

Make sure your website loads very quickly. The loading time of the website matters in conversion rate, SEO, and ranking.

If your website loads quickly then this will improve search engine ranking and traffic.

So that more organic traffic will come to your website and the highest conversion is from organic traffic compared to other traffic sources.

If you use wordpress to manage your website then it is very easy to improve the loading time.

3. Choose Right Affiliate Network 

It is very important to choose the right affiliate networks.

If you like the products then it is very easy for you to write great content to promote that product.

Before the selection of products think about your audience. If you are promoting the wrong product then you will fail to get sales.

Here are some of the best and popular affiliate networks to promote great products.

If you are unable to find your desired product then search for ‘product name affiliate program’.

With this, you can find the affiliate program of that product and join it.

4. Write a Review Articles

Write a review article for all the products you are promoting. Most bloggers used this method to boost sales.

But for that, first, you have to know how to write a great review, by reading which the user will buy that product.

It is very easy that you have to solve the problem of your audience. You have to tell ‘how this product can solve your problems very easily.

Tell the user all the information about that product and try to focus on usability, price, and features.

5. Use Pop-ups

If pop-ups are used properly, it can boost your affiliate sales and lead generation. This is one of the best methods to increase the visibility of CTA.

This will also be a good way to increase the conversation rate. Exit-intent pop-ups are best to promote any offer or products. When users are about to leave your website this pop-up appears.

Another is scroll pop-ups when users scroll at a certain point this pop-up will appear.

6. Use Email Marketing

This is my favorite and one of the most effective and easy ways to generate leads and sales.

Every blogger uses email marketing to boost their income and sales. Because the conversion rate of email is good.

The open rate is 30% which is very good. There are many automation tools available to make this marketing work super easy.

Use welcome email automation for your subscriber and include some article links and social channel links in it. This will increase followers on your social media and increase sales.

Some of the best tools are:

If you are not using email marketing then you are missing good quality traffic and audience. This quality audience you will get with a single click by email. But you need to build it so, without wasting more time, start email marketing as soon as possible.

7. Create a Sense of Urgency

This is best to instantly get more sales. With this simple trick, you can convince your audience easily.

Many companies run camping like a limited-time deal or special discount to get more orders.

With urgency also try to give a special discount to your audience.

Discount + urgency + exclusivity

Use this simple formula to improve your conversion rate. Believe if you are using this method no will stop you to generate sales.

You can easily create a sense of urgency by adding a timer to your landing page. There are many plugins available to add a timer.

Also, you can add an attractive coupon by the use of plugins.

8. Focus on your CTAs 

You've most likely perused various aides when you made your first CTA or source of inspiration.

Be activity arranged - If you want the user to cause a buy, to be open and embed the buy button. The equivalent applies on the off chance that you want them to download something, buy or opt for your mailing list, etc.

Urgency - Just like when offering limits, try to give potential users a desire to move quickly with your CTA. Start with phrases like "start your free trial today" just as "BUY NOW" and etc.

Get colors — When making CTA catches, it's basic that you pick a color that stands out well from the foundation. For instance, if blue is the main color on your page, try an orange or yellow CTA button.

Compose enticing supporting content - A CTA with no supporting content is simply a visual mess. On the off chance that you want to propel your crowd to make the following stride, compactly depict the advantages to them.

9. Provide Freebies

In starting try to offer some valuable freebies. This is a great way to generate leads and sales.

Create valuable products such as ebooks. Add your affiliate links in this ebook and focus on providing value and believe me this will surely increase your sales.

With this, you build trust with your audience. Many bloggers use this strategy to generate leads,


I hope this article helps you. Now you know nine amazing ways to get more sales. By following this article you will surely get more sales.

Want to say in one thing that you have to be patient, no work is done in a day. You have to wait for some time, your sales will increase with time.

Maintain consistency and be patient.

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