Builderall Review: In depth guide about the platform (Unbiased)

Builder all is an all-in-one packed of many digital marketing tools and web services tools which helps you to create grow and run your online business

Before we move on into the review section let me ask you a question.

Would you like to use services from many different companies and pay them differently?

Or you will like to pay at only one place and use all the service which you used to use from different service providers.

I know your answer and you would be amazed to know that Builderall is the one that provides many services under one roof.

What is Builderall

Builderall is a marketing tools system actually it's a whole system combined with a lot of different marketing tools that we all need when we're doing online marketing.

All the tools like autoresponder, landing pages building with opt-in pages, website blocks all of these things that we need and that we are using on daily basis.

You have everything in this tool and it's so great because it's created by marketers and by people who understand the tools that marketers need and demand.

Good thing about Builderall is that they understand the design which is very important part of online marketing.

I have lot of friends who create their landing page by themselves and to be honest they don’t always looks that good.

But here in Builderall we have a lot of templates and things that are just ready, you can literally just go and change the text and improve the picture that you want in instead of the one that is already preset and then you're ready use it.

The best thing about Builderall is you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge because it’s all just drag and drop.

Last year Builderall did a major designing update to their website and divided their tools under 5 major sections:

  • The builders
  • Email marketing
  • Design section
  • Traffic management
  • Social media engagement

Within these 5 major sections there are many tools that are going to help in your online business. It has more than 30+ tools, which means it has everything from basic to advance level.

It you are not sure whether the paid plans will be suitable for you or not you can test the paid plan for yourself by simply registering for a 14 days free trial. On this trial period you can test whether they have everything you need for your business.

Apart from that they offer a forever free plan but with some limitations. If you are just starting then you can take advantage of it and upgrade your plan later on when you grow.

Pros and Cons of Builderall 

If you look closely everything in this world has flaws, nothing is perfect. What matter is how much good it has then the bad. This is what we will discuss in this section and revel everything Unbiased.


  • It is a total package of more than 30+ tools at one place.
  • Keep its design updated with the market trend.
  • It has both 14 days trial period and a lifetime free plan.
  • As per pricing it’s a lot cheaper than Clickfunnels and Kartra.
  • Always have room for improvement, more helpful tools and amazing features
  • It is prefect for starters and entry level business who have a tight budget.
  • Also have a jaw dropping affiliate program.
  • Videos are available to learn everything


  • Too much focused on adding more tools rather than perfecting the older ones.
  • It has more than 30+ tools which is confusing for absolute beginners.
  • No live chat support in free plan.
  • Not master in any individual tool.
  • Cannot transfer site to other CMS.

Builderall: What it can do and what you can do with it

This is time you should move to a more centralized automation system which is great because you don't want to be logging into fifteen different websites daily to access all the tools.

The majority of Builderall users use this platform for creating attractive landing pages building sales pages and funnels, selling courses and various products and flawless automated email marketing. Builderall can also use for advance Chabot marketing as an alternative to Manychat.

Other features of Builderall like webinars, many design features, app builder, ecommerce, are just few brick on the wall.

So we can say that:

“Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.”

Viktor Vicsek

So what can you do with builder all?         

Here are the following things you can do with Builderall:

  • Build Websites and funnels
  • Host your own eCommerce Stores
  • Design pages and Sell Learning Courses on it
  • Build Membership login Sites
  • Create Videos, eBooks, host Webinars, and More
  • Run Social Media Campaigns and Ads
  • Create Sales Funnels with Pre-Built Templates
  • Capture Leads and Send Email Campaigns with the Email Marketing Platform
  • Split Test Designs and Track Your Analytics

Best Features of Builderall

Dedicated servers

To build a website or host a webinar or keep sales funnel videos you are going to need a hosting provider.

But if you are using Builderall then you won't have to think about it because this is what Builderall provides you.

You will get dedicated server where you can host or website and sales webinar.

The best thing about their server is that you won't have to worry about the security or backup as that all will be dealt by their team so that you can focus on your business.

Drag and drop site builder

I know how hard it is to build a website from scratch and its even harder when you have zero knowledge of codding.

But what if I tell you that the design of the website is ready and your work is to change the text and images.

Is it still hard for you? I hope not. Builderall provide drag and drop website building feature where you can just drag any element and place them wherever you desire. 

Massive library of Templates

Lots of templates are available to choose and build your own funnel page or a whole website.

You will get access to templates to design your presentations and sales copy.

These templates are free to use and you can modify them as per your need, just customize the readymade templates and use them.

Email Marketing

We have wrote an article where we have discussed best 5 email autoresponder there we didn’t mentioned Builderall because Builderall platform is more than email autoresponder.

The best thing about Builderall’s email autoresponder is that it is limitless, there is no limit in number of emails you are sending and number of recipients you are sending to.

Why you should use Builderall for your business?

Sharing is caring

It's very important that you can share any page that you've created with other members so if you have a team and you're creating a sales funnel for one of your businesses,

then you can share that sales funnel    with the whole team and everyone who wants to use the same landing page will be able to use the sales funnel you have created.

Limit less functionality 

You have unlimited sales funnels and websites that you can create, you can even create animated videos with this tool

in addition to that you can also create and build applications for Android and iPhone as well I mean it absolutely blows me  away when I think of the sheer amount of functionality that's in this tool.

Learning before earning 

They also have their own training academy so they're doing a lot of trainings on how to build websites how to build a successful sales funnel you know what's good is that they give you also tips on what works better and what not.

You also have a tutorial video guide from the CEO himself he's one of the guys behind this company.

All tools of Builderall

There are many tools you will get inside Builderall website they are all organized under main category.

We will discuss all the tools you are going to get into the main sections.

  • The builders
  • Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder can build the following in just few minutes
  • Website
  • Landing page
  • Sales page 
  • Builderall canvas funnel builder is really cool it's basically if you guys have ever seen funnel it
  • Videos and audio files
  • Different links to your profiles
  • Builderall canvas funnel builder is really cool it's basically if you guys have ever seen funnel it
  • Videos and audio files
  • Different links to your profiles
  • Email marketing

Email marketing is the best form of marketing where you get the most return in comparison to your investment.

Whether you will get the sales or lose it depend on the funnel you create. So to help you Builderall provides you two tools

  • Drag-and-drop email automation tool this is a professional autoresponder
  • Professional Emails - You can also create accounts through here for your emails so you don't even have to leave this platform to get your domains or email or anything else.

The more organized your email campaigns are the more sales you get from email marketing.

Builderall provides you with templates to create a perfect autoresponder.

Few actions MailingBoss provides:

  • When an Action is triggered
  • Transfer the contact to a different list (icon-hand-point-right-solid)
  • Send a new email offer
  • Add a tag
  • Set actions to unclicked emails
  • Send a new email campaign
  • Move to another list
  • Alter the field name
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Messenger Chabot- This is pretty cool you can do professional messenger Chabot
  • Share Locker feature for your website to go viral with your content.
  • Professional Website bot so that would be like if you know do you have any questions at the bottom of your website
  • Social Autopost App will help you post to multiple social network automatically
  • Browser notification app connect your audience anytime to the internet browser
  • Instagram autoresponder so if you are setting up something on Instagram and you said ‘hey say yes to anybody who wants my free cheat sheet’ and then any time that it says ‘yes’ it would send the link to the cheat sheet to their direct message which is extremely cool
  • SMS Messaging - You also got text messaging through which you can reach to your leads
  • Telegram - You could set up Telegram funnels through Builderall.
  • CRM – Here you can manage your business data and information all just in one place.
  • Design
  • Magazine builder 
  • Mock-up studio
  • 3d editor
  • Animated VSL video builder 
  • Transparent floating videos 
  • Presentations Templates to make amazing Presentations and present them beautifully
  • Video wrapper helps you to customize your videos with images and text; usually you have to pay to people a lot of money to do that.
  • Video tag tool
  •  Video funnel build or create and share your own video funnels online
  • Traffic Management
  • SEO On-page report helps you rank your page higher on search engines. I mean they got all sort of SEO.
  • Appropriate keyword usage
  • Excessive internal links
  • Page title’s length
  • Placement of keyword in titles
  • Meta descriptions length
  • Keyword usage alt attribute
  • Content’s length (required number of words)
  • Minimum and maximum number of keywords to use
  • Accessibility to search engines
  • Click map which is also known as heap map its work basically is to register the clicks where people are going on your funnels and web sites.
  • Most clicked button
  • Scroll depth
  • Engagement on page

Builderall Pricing Options

Builderall is a premium business tool and it has a very reasonable pricing if we compare it with the features it provides.

It has 5 different pricing slabs and you can go for the one that fits your business.

Free plan 

Apart from the 14 days trial period you can start off for free and you get basically everything you need

In free plan you will get Drag N Drop website builder, unlimited membership area, blogging app, super checkout for affiliate sales control, bump sells Upsell and Downsales.

But the downside of this plan is you will get 0 domains and 0 leads and you will get only ticketing support which means you won't get live chat support.

Builder Plan

In this plan you will get everything you were getting in free plan in addition to that you will get funnel builder, A/B split testing and SSL certificate

Apart from that, you get 3 domains, 100 leads, and live chat support which all you were missing in the free plan.

This plan is going to cost you around 19.90 per month.

Marketer Plan

I think to get into where you want to be you're going to at least need to be at the Marketer plan because you get 5,000 subscribers plus you get some of the cool tools you were missing on the builder plan

Which are CRM, SMS, messaging, Builderall Telegram Automation Tool. On top of that you will get 5000 leads and 5 domains

Essential Plan 

Essential plan has in total of 30 Builderall tools which includes website Chabot, professional messenger and WordPress integration to take your business to the next level.

You will also get 10 domains and 15, 000 leads which means you can host you domains and your clients domains too.

Premium Plan              

Premium Plan pretty much gives you unlimited everything so for what you get for $70 is just amazing if you're a huge company.

You will get complete access to Builderall complete toolset of 38 tools that includes webinar builder, Facebook and YouTube streaming tool, as well as drag and drop e-learning builder.

 The best thing about this plan is unlimited subscribers and 15 domains together can help you handle all your clients at one place.

Affiliate program

A very attractive affiliate program on two levels you have on your referrals as they sign up the first payment that they pay you receive a hundred percent so of the whole payments that they pay to the company the company gives to you as a reward for bringing a new customer

Every subsequent month from that point on you receive 30% commission on you know the plan that they have purchased so this is a monthly passive income that you can create for yourself.

Here is the breakdown of the Affiliate Commissions

  • 100% personal sales commissions on the first payment
  • 30% personal sales recurring commission
  • 30% 2nd tier recurring commission
  • Bonus commissions for low, mid and high-ticket courses

Builderall alternatives

Builderall is not the only all-in-one web design and digital marketing platform, there are many alternatives to builder all.

These alternatives are not to confuse you but to give you a clear picture of all the all-in-one digital marketing software.

This will help you to decide whether to invest or to look for some other alternatives.


As the name suggest, it is a funnel focused high-converting sales funnels builder. It has a huge library of templates that you can use to create your sales funnel.

But the pricing is pretty high compared to the tools they will provide.

If you want high quality professional tools for high price then Cilckfunnel is the right choice for you.

But if you want many tools for low budget then you must go for Builderall.

Just like Builderall is an all-in-one packed of many digital marketing tools and web services tools which help you to create grow and run your online business.

The only difference is of pricing. The startup plan of starts from $27 where the basic plan of Builderall is $19.90.

So business with tight budget won't be able to go for when they are just starting and have very low budget.


Kartra is a similar builder whose main focus is on automated email campaigns, pages and sales funnels.

It is a professional and high quality tool but with higher price.

This is for the established businesses that have a very large audience base and wish to promote their own products.

If you are just starting on your business then this is not the right choice for you as it is hard to learn and even harder to master compared to other digital marketing tools.


As the name suggest, it is a funnel focused high-converting sales funnels builder. It has a huge library of templates that you can use to create your sales funnel.

Just like Builderall is an all-in-one packed of many digital marketing tools and web services tools which help you to create grow and run your online business.


Kartra is a similar builder whose main focus is on automated email campaigns, pages and sales funnels.It is a professional and high quality tool but with higher price.

Final Verdict 

Builderall removes the pressure of purchasing several stand-alone products; it also ensures that you don’t have to outsource anyone for graphical or designing work.

So it reduces a lot of time and effort which helps you to focus more on the business instead of these little things.

If your goal is to grow your business instead of hiring professionals to perfect it you must have Builderall as your friendly partner.

Hope you understand how important it is to have a al in one software, Now you have to decide whether you are going to spend all your hard work money on paying for different services or you will get this all in one software to take your business to the next level.

The future of your business is in your hand and this one decision can make a difference, this is why don't waste any more time and make a decision.